Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Holster/Carry Issue

I had a IWB holster that a friend gave me but I didn't like how the retention strap didn't cover where I wanted it to so I bought one that was specifically for my gun, granted it was made for having the laser but the maker said it would still be snug even if I don't have the laser on it.  Well, the holster passes all the tests; holds snuggly, I can turn it over and shake it (no the gun isn't loaded) and it doesn't come out, it even sits nice and snuggly on my belt and pants.  Sounds great right?  

Tonight I realize that I will never be able to carry IWB unless I buy super baggy pants and even then I probably won't be able to.  I really don't have a lot of carry options other than when I wear dresses.  I can't do the bra holsters because I lack the real estate to properly hide it.  I'm dubious of the bellybands so I don't want to spend out that kind of money and unless they make an ankle holster that is sized for a child, that one is out too.  I will not ever purse carry, unless of course I can make my own purse that is to my style and liking, I have yet to see a carry purse that was even remotely attractive and not mention, I'm not a fan of off body carry.

I feel a tad disappointed, not giving up though, I'll just continue to wear dresses to carry until I can determine something that does work, even if I have to take leather classes and design my own.  I would possibly consider a shoulder holster but I still think I'm just too thin to really hide; I would definitely need a vertical draw one.

On another note, I think going to the range at least once a month is healthy.  I had my annual exam and the results was everything is perfect and in the words of my doctor, "Your cholesterol levels are brag-able."

I haven't had much to post about lately.  Kathy Jackson is coming to Colorado again for a two day pistol class and also a gun retention class.  Sadly, I won't be able to do it this time either, if only I was independently wealthy, didn't need a new driveway, A/C and a back fence.  Maybe next time....


  1. I have a belly band that is far too big for my pocket pistol, though I bought the smallest one possible. If you'd like, I'd be happy to send it on down for you to try. I'm about twice as big around as your are, but it's adjustable, so it might work well enough for you to give it a try. Email me if you'd like to give it a go. I've never used it, once I realized that it was far too big for my gun.

  2. Have you tried the Sticky holster? There is one that will be the right size for a P238.

    It is a sleeve holster, so there is no belt loop or slot. The "sticky" isn't an adhesive, but a rubbery surface. You slip it in your pants under your belt wherever it feels good to carry. It just stays there because it grips well. I've carried for 9 hours and it stays in place.

    Any gun takes up some space. My belt is bigger by about 2" to accommodate my compact.

    The Sticky holsters are only about $25. Worth the try.

  3. I took a look at them. It doesn't bother you that there isn't a retention strap? I like to have one and especially if it goes between the hammer and the firing pin. That might be a good one to get though at least in winter time for pocket carry.

    I think my IWB will work fine in Fall and Winter when I can wear sweaters, something that will hide a bit of the bulk. I was able to get it and the gun into my pants and wear it but my tops aren't going to do much to hide the print on it. lol.

  4. I personally don't like the retention straps. My carry gun has no 'switch' safety, either. That is very much personal preference.

    My wife uses a "smart carry" or "thunderwear" to carry her gun uh in her pants in the front. Yeah, right there. It works well for her. Your mileage may vary.

    1. I just read a blog where the author was talking about her preference in the beginning for having a safety and how she eventually did move away from it. Over time I just might get past that but since I'm pretty new, I'm still stuck on that.

      I've heard of those "thunderwear", I think Kathy Jackson showed one at her holster seminar. I'll have to research that a bit more, it would certainly be easier to draw from.

  5. Wardrobe is one issue that most people forget to take into account when carrying concealed. I only use IWB holsters (until I find a shoulder rig I like at least that doesn't cost more than my gun). Depending on the gun/holster combination you should be addle to find one that won't require baggy pants but you'll always have to wear looser shirts to keep from "printing". The only other portion with IWB is carrying a smaller gun but then you sacrifice stopping power or capacity.

    Another option to think about is derringers. They aware small enough to fit in any pants pocket but fall into the power/capacity problem. The only saving grace is that you'd still have a gun in a situation where you normally wouldn't. The only advice I'd give there is to stay away from the .22's and '25's. The one I carry is a Bond Arms .45 long colt and even when I do carry it I always have a 1911 or my glock on me too. Only carry it because if I ever do find myself looking down the barrel of a gun I can pull it when they ask for my cash a lot quicker than I can draw my full size pistol from behind my back

  6. Fashion is one of those things most probably don't consider, the one nice thing about now having my CCW is that I can try outfits on at the store and determine if it will work or not and just not get it if it doesn't. Eventually my wardrobe will be convereted. lol.

    I have seen some really nice shoulder rigs and you right, the ones that look nice and not overly complicated seem to cost a fortune.

    I have a friend wanting to sell their Ruger LCP, I'm almost considering buying it because it's .380, it's a lot lighter and has a thinner profile than my Sig .380. It might make carrying a lot easier so at least if I tried that first I wouldn't be giving up my stopping power.

    I've been considering carrying more than one gun once I get more that are more carry friendly and also other carry options. I had thought about getting a short barrel 1911 .45 but I'm not sure how well I could conceal it, I have a hard time with the little Sig. lol

  7. I'm glad i'm a good size guy (5'11 185lbs), makes it to where I have a whole lot more choices open to me.

    How big is the Sig you're carrying?

  8. You are lucky in that regards, being a waif of girl is definitely more challenging, lol.

    This is a link to my gun:

  9. That's a good looking little gun. It's a little smaller than my 380. I wish you luck in figuring out what gun/holster combo works best for you

    1. I made some adjustments to my wardrobe this weekend and used the IWB. I got some slightly looser pants and a baby doll tank so it doesn't form fit, kept a regular tank under the baby doll though just to keep the flowy baby doll from getting caught up under the gun. It went comfortably. I guess all I needed was to adjust my wardrobe. lol.

      Men probably don't have that issue. hehe