Saturday, April 27, 2013

I Count Myself Lucky

The other day over lunch with a friend we got to talking about carrying and self-defense.  I do really count myself lucky that in my entire life I've never needed a gun or a self-defense, granted there were plenty of times where it probably would have been handy but I think my keen sense kept me out of harms way.

Some of those instances are:

In high school I was walking home from school, I had to walk through City Park (Pueblo, CO) to get home, it's a very large park.  I was probably about a block away from one of the picnic pavilions and there was this van parked in front of it.  I watched as this lady got out and an argument occurred between her and the man she was with.  It was pretty heated and the guy drove off, leaving her there.  She was crying on the curbside when I got up to that point.  I stopped to ask her if she was okay and she starts telling me all that transpired, things at that naive of an age I didn't need to be hearing and really couldn't empathize with her situation but I listened.

Well, I noticed the van coming back, by this time the women had calmed down considerably but I started getting a very weird feeling about the situation.  The women comment that her husband was coming back and offers me a ride home, which I declined and decided to make a hasty "got to go" and crossed the street and went down the hill.  I looked back to see if they were watching and sure enough both her and her "husband" were standing at the top of the hill watching me walk away.  I really don't know if they had mal-intent but I wasn't going to stick around to find out.

Another time in Pueblo I was sitting down on the levee, at night, yes I know stupid but I was young.  I was about a block from my car, I was trying to find something that I had lost.  I looked up and I saw someone about two blocks away walking in my direction so I continued to look, keeping a cautious eye on them.  The next time I looked he was at my car going from each car door trying to get into my car, I'm not sure if he noticed me at that time or not but all I could do was look in shock that this was going on and my only thought was the things in my car I could have used for a weapon and there I was standing there with only a flashlight.  Well, the man sees me and starts heading in my direction.  Once again I wasn't going to stick around to find out, forget the car, I turned and ran.  Unfortunately it was a long run before I got somewhere public and at that hour most things were closed but fortunately there was a salon that was open so I asked to use their phone to call my mom to come get me.

Another time, once again in Pueblo (maybe small towns aren't so safe).  I was skateboarding, at night, alone (yes once again stupid).  I finished up and was about to load my board into my car when I noticed a man heading in my direction, I decided not to put it in my trunk and jumped into my car very quickly and locked the door.  The man approached my window and tried to convince me to open the door, I started the car and drove off.

Another time, in Pueblo, at night but not a lone and in my car.  I accidentally cut this guy off, it wasn't on purpose, I tried to wave an apology but he got very angry, too angry.  I got to a stop light and he was behind me, he got out of his car, walked up to mine and was yelling and screaming.  At first all I could do was stare in horror.  He wanted me to get out of my car (geez, I'm a girl, what's he going to do fight me over a simple error)  I looked at him for a minute and then just drove off, he proceeded to follow me, I tried to lose him for a time but he was persistant so I went into the park drove up on one of the bike trails (I knew them well) and hid.  I watched the guy go round and round for half an hour trying to find me.  I didn't want to drive home because I didn't want the man to know where I lived.

Another moment Christmas time (Denver), sometime in the last ten years.  I was loading up my car getting ready to head to the airport to pick up my brother and head to Pueblo.  I saw this man walking down the middle of the street towards where I was.  I instantly got a bad feeling but I chose to not show fear, I acknowledged the man, looked him in the eyes.  We had a brief exchange and I thought he had walked on but when I turned to get into my car he was in my passenger seat.  Surprisingly, I didn't freak out, I just asked him what he thought he was doing, he said he was going with me and I just firmly told him to get out of my car and thankfully he did.  The worst part though is that he stalked my house for three weeks after that.  Unfortunately not my last stalker or my first.

I've had many other moments but those are the ones mentioned.  I guess when I started to consider carrying and then later decided to take self-defense it was one of the things I asked myself about "why now" up until now I had been lucky and have never needed a gun, I am fortunate to have a keen sense of danger.  Honestly I can't answer that with a definite answer.  But I guess it comes down to, I decided to carry because I can and before the thought had never crossed my mind and besides just because in almost forty years I've been lucky and I hope to continue to be so but I like the saying, "It is better to have a gun and not need it than need one and not have it."

Cornered Cat Holster Class

Thanks Gun Diva for the reminder. :)

Just reading Kathy Jackson's web page, I had come to admire her so greatly and meeting her in person it only made that admiration greater. What an extremely spectacular woman with a great sense of humor! I left there feeling like the happiest person in the world. I have never really had anyone that I admire so greatly other than my grandfather so she's pretty special to me.

The class was fun and surprisingly small. Most of the holsters that were presented were ones I had spent time researching previously but I did learn some good points about carry methods. I was surprised that she didn't have any thigh holsters though, which is my choice carry method. Fortunately two days ago I finally got my CCW permit (103 or 104 days) so I had carried to class. A lot of the women were very interested in mine, which I showed to the class and passed around. I had got a lot of questions about it afterwards as well.

Over all, it was such a wonderful experience. I really wish I could have afforded to take the pistol class as well.

Friday, April 26, 2013

An Apology

I apologize to anyone that I haven't responded to, for some reason blogger isn't letting me reply to any comments.  I did read them all and had things to say.  Maybe eventually they will get this fixed.

In other news, I got my permit finally, 104 days after application.  My god is the picture awful and I'm not just saying that.  I think that's why it took so long to get it, they probably hesitated giving it to me. lol.

Posts to follow on my experience of carrying in public.  Tonight is the Kathy Jackson class, I'm pretty excited.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Self-Defense Class

The self-defense class I took this weekend was really good, not that I have a lot of comparisons or anything. My only other self-defense class was one when I was ten-ish years old with this non-profit that my mom was president of.  The retention stuff was really fascinating, it would be neat to have an entire class based on that.  The instructor said he wasn't going to spend much time on that section because he wanted us to remember the self-defense portion.  I think what impressed me most of all was the last segment of the class, he got our adrenaline up, got a bit exhausted, then made us close our eyes and after a brief moment, he attacked.  Now granted he didn't attack at the force that an attacker might but it was to show us just how much we are hindered in moments like this.

I think I did okay with it, I didn't freeze but I still have hesitations about whether or not I would fight my way to freedom if I were ever attacked.  My worries come more from that I would probably tire out before I got away.  Also when I was showing one of my male friends what I learned, I didn't do so well at getting free where as with the instructor I thought I did okay but I'm sure he wasn't going to go full force.  I'm an extremely petite girl, 5'6 and 107 pounds, most can over take me without a loosing a breath.  I'm not sure exactly what my next move will be in this area but if it ever came down to it, I'm going down fighting with all my might!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring in Colorado (A little safety reminder)

Spring hasn't sprung in Colorado (with getting just a foot of snow the other day) but my 1911 Spring did spring.  I was pretty certain that is was secure and I let go and sproing, there it went right into the edge of my glasses frame, leaving a nice big chip in the frame and the lens but I'm glad it was my glasses and not my eye.  So I'm only sharing this embarrassment as a reminder to wear safety glasses when cleaning your guns.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CCW Update

I ended up taking the advice from readers and friends on call, I left a voicemail but who knows when I will get an answer. I was sent a disconcerting link to a news article in regards to CCW's in Denver and surrounding areas. I guess it's really bad. When I started my process in Denver, it was a two month wait just to get an appointment to apply, I was fortunate and someone cancelled so I got in a month earlier. According to this article it is now taking up to four months just to apply. I didn't know it was state law that they had to process it in 90 days and here I am sitting at 95 days. I'll see what happens when they call me back, hopefully not at 06:00 like the last time they returned a call.

Denver's Would-be (hopeful) CCW's Article


April 11, 2013 marked my 90 since applying for my CCW and no letter of happiness has appeared in my mail box, it's now April 16, 2013.  Would it be wrong to contact them and find out what is up?

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Softer Side of Sears

As my interest in firearms and shooting increases and as I take steps to become more independent of my male friends by finding events, groups and friends that are female, I find it interesting the reactions that I am getting.  In some cases I feel badly but also a bit frustrated and suffocated at the same time.

Last night when I shared with one of my male shooting partners all the wonderful things that I had in planned this month, I got a very nasty response back stating how selfish I was and I was only concerned for my own happiness.  I'm assuming this comment stems from the fact that all the classes that I have set up for this month are women only events and he feels left out so therefore felt the need to say harsh and mean things.  Not to worry, this person is no longer a friend as of last night, I don't need someone who isn't going to support me and is only going to make me feel badly about what I'm trying to do.

I deviated sorry:

I know that this interest/hobby is mostly a man dominated one but it is becoming less so as more women start to take up with the interest and I'm loving the fact of how much female support that I'm finding.  Don't get me wrong, I still like bonding with my male friends but it's nice to have the softer side of Sears as well.

I forgot my whole point since I was interrupted at work, oh well.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Super Exciting Things Are Coming

This month is going to be super exciting for certain.  This coming Sunday I will be taking a tactical pistol class, really excited about that, on the 20th I'm taking a self-defense class and the really exciting part is that I'll be taking a holster class on the 26th with Kathy from Cornered Cat, I so admire and love reading her blog, I've learned a great deal from just reading it.  Granted I feel pretty confident about my options to conceal carry as a women because I've spent a lot of time extensively researching that subject but you never know, I might just learn something and if not, I get to meet her.

Here is a link for anyone interested in meeting Kathy, if you know who she is:  It's in Castle Rock, CO:

Holster Class with Kathy from Cornered Cat Cost $25

Wow, words can't express just how excited I am and also getting the opportunity to improve my skills and learn new things.

H.R.1369 Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2013

PDF of the Bill's Details

Below is a site that simplifies contacting your state representatives to support or oppose this bill?

Open Congress Org

This Bill was introduced last month, nothing further has happened with it so we have time to act.

Policy Survey on Gun Control

This was posted on FB by Cornered Cat:

Police Survey on Gun Control

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finally Range Time

I was finally able to get out to the range and of course it was wonderful!  Due to ammo shortage I decided to strictly work on grouping and trigger control.  I was very, very pleased with how well I did, even shooting with my left hand went extremely well.  I decided in February to start training my left hand.

My friend and personal trainer was also extremely pleased with my progress.  Granted he refuses to take all the credit, he says that my picking up things in other places has helped but honestly I disagree.  You can read about something all you want but unless you get out and do it, you won't actually know how to do it.

Our last round of shooting we decided to put it out at the 25 yard and each go a round with the .45acp and one round with the .22.  I actually did better than him, I felt kind of bad about that but I figure he was probably just having an off day because there is no way I could do better than someone who has been shooting their whole life.

We are going to look into some public competition shooting matches, I've been curious about trying that, just to see how well I would actually function under pressure, plus I think it would be good practice for conceal carry.

Please keep in mind that it hasn't even been a year since I started shooting pistol so please be kind.

The shots on the right are with my left hand so they aren't so great but the ones closer to center are with my right.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

One Reason Denver County Sucks!

I was talking to one of the ladies last night, she lives in Arapahoe County and it only took her eight weeks to get her CCW.  I'm jealous and a little annoyed, I started the process in December 2012 and I still don't have mine.

I would really like to know why it is that one county takes so long?  They are going through the same channels as Arapahoe county for background checks.  In Denver county you have to wait two months to even get an appointment to apply, I was fortunate because someone cancelled and I was able to get in a month early, thank goodness or else I would be waiting until next month.

Oh well, can't change it but an understanding to why would be nice.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Girls with Guns

I went to my first meetup event for Girls with Guns, it was nice meeting other women with an interest in guns, it wasn't as informational as I thought it would be but I'm certain is was for the other girls. I guess my trainer trained me pretty well. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the shooting events when they come up, that is if I get some ammo locally or get off my butt and order it online.

There was a male friend of the coordinator of the group there to help her answer any questions that she wasn't able to, really nice guy, got along with him better than most the others in the group and went had dinner afterwards and talked about guns, survival, recent laws, speculations of some odd theories, it was a nice conversation.

Tomorrow will be an awesome day, heading to longmont with a friend of mine to go shooting at Trigger Time Gun Club, I love that range the most out of all the ones I've been too. If I could afford a membership there I would, the yearly fee isn't too awful but it's the initial fee for the first year, bringing the first year to $700, I would rather buy a new gun at that price but that's just me. I understand it costs money to operate a range and as nice as this one is, it's understandable but unfortunately it's not cost effective for me and my standard of where I spend my money is more along the lines of "new gun". I'm so exited I have a feeling I'm not going to get much sleep, I haven't been shooting in over a month.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thank You for Open Carrying

Over the weekend I was at a gas station filling up my car when a man walked past open carrying.  I should have gone up and thanked the man for exercising his right to carry.  Where I live, just fifteen minutes south of that suburb, we are not allowed to open carry.  I think maybe everyone who can open carry should open carry, maybe if guns weren’t kept in the closet and made to be more of a taboo that maybe people wouldn’t be so uncomfortable about them.

My mom works for a major retailer in a small town where there is open carry, keep in my mind half my family is against guns, and she was complaining to me how it makes her feel uncomfortable when this one man comes in with his gun on his hip, etc.  I told her, you know you should be more worried about someone behaving suspiciously and hiding their gun over someone who is openly carrying it, it’s there in plain sight, everyone knows it’s there and you can watch them if you feel that uncomfortable about it or exit the area.  

I still haven’t told my anti-gun portion of my family of my level of involvement with them, they know I go shooting on a regular basis but I think that’s about all and for right now, I’m okay with that but I know someday I’m going to have to fess up to things and I guess I’m just waiting for the right moment to do so.  (14.5)

8.5 more days, please hurry.

Monday, April 1, 2013


This was posted at Gun Nuts Media, I thought it was very informational for any one who conceal carries or open carries.

Gun Nuts Media - CCW App Article

11 more days till the letter of happiness.  I just might have to have a little party to celebrate the occasion.