Thursday, January 9, 2014

Women's Conceal Carry Holsters (Plus)

I haven’t posted in a very long time, I haven’t had much to really write about these days and I had my mind on other things, still going out shooting at least once a month.  I’ve been a bit slack on practicing with my laser lite target but that’s mainly because I need new batteries and I can’t find them locally so I’ve had to order them online.

Today I decided to revisit looking at women’s conceal carry options, I had hoped that something new might have come out and I didn’t see anything.  I was appalled to see some of the home made ones; I can’t see how these people consider these to be safe alternatives.  Sure I understand that some have this need for something pretty but my opinion is that it’s under your clothes so why does it matter and my other opinion is, I don’t think there is a lace in the world that is sturdy enough to even hold the smallest gun so I’m curious what these girls will do when they are out and about and their lace tears and their gun falls to the ground, where will they put it because their holster is now destroyed.  But that’s just my opinion.

In other news, two new guns to my collection last month, an AR-15 (my dream and goal was the have one by the end of 2013) and a Colt .22, mainly for my sister in hopes of encouraging her to go out shooting more, which works because my dad is retiring this year and wants to come up shooting so she’ll be able to go with us.  My next goal is to build my own AR-15 but I want to build it left handed since I shoot rifles with scopes left. (12.6)