Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Specialty Sports & Supply

This was a shop in Colorado Springs that I was trying to get everyone I know to go check out because it is the candy store of gun stores as far as I can tell and well worth the drive.  Even when most stores had nothing, they had a huge variety plus they are the only store that I've come across that sell women's holsters.  I loved the store, it was always a treat to go down there and just look at all the yummy things I wanted but now I am on a campaign to rescind the raves that I had given them to everyone person I ever knew.

A couple of months ago I had bought the Marilyn holster, it's a holster that attaches to the side band of a bra (I can't do the flash bang because I don't have that much real-estate) but I felt optimistic about the Marilyn (I did want the Betty but unfortunately even though it was made specifically for my gun, my gun just didn't fit it).  Wellbeing a bra holster I could try it on in the store, and I did purchase and try it on in the bathroom but I wanted to take it home and try it with other outfits to see if it would work.  Before purchasing I asked the sales person if there was a time limit on returns.  He said no, which was why I decided to make the purchase since I don't get down to Springs too often.

After trying the holster with a few outfits I determined that it just wasn't going to work for me, though $45 doesn't seem like much but it is when it's wasted on something I'm never going to use.  I asked my coworker, who goes down to the Springs weekly if he would mind returning it for me and follows the story.

The first trip they told him that he couldn't return it unless he had the credit card that was used to purchase it; he told me that the cashier girl was extremely rude to him.

Second trip, I guess Chris had gotten down there and realized he had misplaced the holster somewhere and offered to just give me the money for it, I told him to just wait because I was certain it would show up again and it did.

Third trip, he had the holster, the receipt and the card.  They told him because it was now over 30 days that all they would give him was store credit.  Once again the cashier girl was extremely rude and told him that on the receipt it states, 30 day returns, which neither Chris nor I can find on the receipt.

I was pretty pissed and tried to call and talk to a manager but none were around, I do have the name of the co-owner and I just haven't gotten around to calling, part of me just wants to say fuck it and just never shop there again and continue my campaign against them.  Which because of their treatment and misinformation they lost $850 sale already because they were also one of the few places close to me that stocked left hand bolt action guns, which was my next purchase, which I bought up in Grand Junction instead. 

Maybe in the next few days I'll make the call just to see what they will do to rectify the situation and if I do, there will be a follow up post. (12.0)

A Time to Write

It’s been a few months since I have written; once again so today I’m just going to ramble about the last few months so this doesn’t become an abandoned journal.

Last I wrote it was in regards to conceal carrying.  I’m still trying to find a comfortable way to carry when it comes to wearing pants.  I’m finding that I am liking the belly band that S from Gun Divas sent me, I had to make some modifications to it, I wanted it to be more in the shape of my gun over just a pouch.  I’ve even recommended and referred my coworker to the site that sold them, they didn’t have that exact one, actually what they had was a lot better and my coworker is very pleased with the one he purchased.  I like the fact that it’s comfortable and conceals nicely.  It’s so comfortable that I wore it to a movie theater (yes, this one is not a “no guns” theater) and didn’t even notice it pressing into my back.

My AR that I bought last year, I decided to put a taller scope mount on it and this weekend I got that sited in with the help of the person I’m seeing, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  I also decided to spoil myself with a new gun, Ruger left hand bolt action .308 rifle, I’m in love.  The recoil was a lot less than I had expected and experienced before with .308 calipers so I was very surprised and please.  My next goal is to take a hunter’s safety class and maybe get my cousin to take me out hunting, I’ve never done it before and I’m curious as to what that is like (with warnings to my cousin that I might ball like a baby if I actually kill something).  I’ve decided that I am not going to purchase any more guns until I bite the bullet and buy a safe, it’s time I’ve accumulated six guns now so it’s time.

Shooting this weekend went okay considering I had eye surgery a week and a half ago so my vision isn’t quite up to what it should be; actually it’s nowhere near to where it should be.  I know once it comes into what it should be I will get the Ruger Sited right, it has iron sites.