Monday, August 26, 2013

IWB Carry

Yesterday was my first day using my IWB holster, usually I use my thigh holster because I mostly wear dresses.  I can say, my goodness is that a very uncomfortable way to carry, just constantly pressing into my back.  Any suggestions are welcomed.

So yesterday I drove through multiple towns to get to my destination, as I drove through towns.  Out of curiosity I decided to check my application on my phone that supposedly says places that are not gun friendly.  The below picture is for Colorado City, CO (not that this is a very big town with too many businesses but still interesting nonetheless:

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Remember Heidi Yewman

I'm still in search for her other segments but she was the one who wrote the article for MS Magazine about her "Month with a Gun."

I found this interview from HUFFPOST LIVE

Heidi Yewman Interview

I couldn't really put my whole comment on there so I didn't bother, I will put what would have been my comment if I could here.

Her reaching in her purse, for one, if she had researched methods of carrying and safe ways to carry, she wouldn’t have had that gun just in her purse, she would (should) have had a special made carry purse or she could have had a purse with a separate compartment that only contained the gun, that is your safest option for purse carry.  I spent extensive time researching ways to carry and safe ways to carry, granted I do not advocate purse carry, it’s dangerous and easy for anyone to take that purse, and I’m a proponent for on body carry.

I read pretty much every comment on MS in regards to this article and I didn’t see one thing that was threatening towards her but then again MS was very discretionary about which comments were posted, I know not a single one of my comments were allowed, none were threatening in any way.  And the fact they were screening comments to me says that’s not fair reporting or a fair discussion of the article and topic in general.  I do understand not allowing her personal information to be posted, that is completely fair.

My first time out (as someone who is actually serious about conceal carrying and not doing an experiment) I found that yes, I was hyper aware in all areas and slightly curious as to if others in my vicinity were carrying.  I can’t say I ever went out intentionally looking or even hoping trouble came along so I could have that chance.  I strongly believe that the majority of people who legally carry have the hope they never have to even draw.  As for Heidi not feeling safe while carrying, I think if she had proper training and the mindset that most that do chose to carry had, that maybe she might have felt safer.  I know being a single girl, trying to date, it certainly helped me feel more comfortable knowing I could protect myself if need be, especially since I am a very small girl so more than likely (even with self-defense knowledge) that I will be over powered by pretty much everyone.

Your question to Hunter Glass in regards to having to notify an officer, it depends on the laws of the state that you are carrying in (I’m surprised he didn’t know this).  Some states you are required by law to notify an officer that you are carrying and some you don’t.  My state you are not required but out of respect if I were to be pulled over and I was carrying, I would keep my hands where they could see it, when he approached I would notify the officer that I was carrying and let them know where the gun was located.

End comment
The thing is once again it just seems like it's biased news reporting, you have a psychologist that says that people who go out carrying a gun are more than likely going to see trouble just because and this is proven by her lame experiement with people holding a wiii gun (rolls eyes).

Then you have a former officer who just doesn't seem too informed and of course there is good old Heidi Yewman, the ignorant idiot trying to make some extreme case against guns.

Oh well.

Crime & Drugs

I was reading The Spot, which is one of my daily readings and this article was posted Crime and Drugs yesterday (I'm just now getting to reading it).

It got me to thinking about the last time I was actually down in that area, I typically avoid it because of the parking and the bad elements that reside down there.  The last time I was actually walking in that area was the day I had my sister drop me off at the Sheriff's Department to apply for my CCW.  After I left there I couldn't get my app on my phone to figure a bus route home (Parking is hard to find and usually expensive so I had thought it would be better to be dropped off and just take the bus home).  Unfortunately the app wasn't working to great and I figured I would just walk the few blocks over to Civic Center Park because it is a major bus hub.  Walking over there my only thoughts were how I wish I had my CCW already, I would have felt a lot safer.  I had to walk by a ton of very sketchy people sizing me up and its broad daylight, they have no fear of that and yes a lot of shootings do happen down there.

At any rate, it got me to thinking, I wonder how one really cleans up a park like this, and I understand it is something that takes time and probably a lot of trial and error.  When I lived in Colorado Springs, Acacia Park was the vagrant, drug using, criminal hang out and I know after some time they had cleaned it up considerably but I don't know what all was done to make that happen.

So I guess I was just kind of  curious as to what other people's ideas might be in regards to this situation, if maybe in your areas you had a park with these same issues and if it had or had not change or even got worse.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Forget Safety Ever

I woke up at 04:00 this morning and started thinking about an interaction at work that day, I started critiquing how I was in that situation.  I have to say that I am very disappointment in myself and later today will be spending time going over again gun safety.  I used to think that I would never become so comfortable with guns that I wouldn’t be safe, not that I was horribly unsafe, just broke rules.

Yesterday my coworker calls me over to his office because another coworker brought in his 20 gauge for the shoot on Friday.  I feel I picked up the gun wrong, it was leaning on the wall, I also didn’t check to make certain that it wasn’t loaded and when they asked me to position it to make certain that it would fit okay, I didn’t even stop to consider where I was pointing the gun, granted it was at a cinder block wall but at least I didn’t put my finger on the trigger.  I broke the following rules: treat a gun as if it’s always loaded, be aware of your target and what is beyond.

I had a hard time falling back to sleep because I kept playing the situation over and over in my head and berating myself.  I mean nothing happened but it’s when one doesn’t follow the rules that things could happen. (11.8)

Monday, August 5, 2013

First Time

I finally did it and went to the range alone, it's not that I was scared or nervous to just other things just kept coming up.  It wasn't bad at all, I had a great time and I was in need (not want) of going out to the range.  I had been feeling a bit down but I seem to be feeling a ton times better.  It was a bit awkward being alone and everyone watched as I walked down to my station but that could also just be me being sensitive and while I was shooting one guy came over and watched and was even nice and swept up my casings.

Fun things are coming up, my company's annual clay shoot is the Friday after next and I'm really hoping to make some leaps and bounds from my total hits last year.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks I plan on taking a basic pistol class even though it's pretty much all the stuff I know but I'm sure there will be a lot that I don't plus I just want to have some formal training under my belt.  Sigh, I just feel so much better after this evening and at least if I never find friends to go out shooting with, I know I'm good to go on my own accord.