Monday, August 5, 2013

First Time

I finally did it and went to the range alone, it's not that I was scared or nervous to just other things just kept coming up.  It wasn't bad at all, I had a great time and I was in need (not want) of going out to the range.  I had been feeling a bit down but I seem to be feeling a ton times better.  It was a bit awkward being alone and everyone watched as I walked down to my station but that could also just be me being sensitive and while I was shooting one guy came over and watched and was even nice and swept up my casings.

Fun things are coming up, my company's annual clay shoot is the Friday after next and I'm really hoping to make some leaps and bounds from my total hits last year.  Sometime in the next couple of weeks I plan on taking a basic pistol class even though it's pretty much all the stuff I know but I'm sure there will be a lot that I don't plus I just want to have some formal training under my belt.  Sigh, I just feel so much better after this evening and at least if I never find friends to go out shooting with, I know I'm good to go on my own accord.


  1. Hit the range often enough and make some friends there. Glad the trip made you feel better.

    Have you shot clays since the trip last year? And something you might want to look into is if there are any combat style pistol competitions in your area. That and any good pistol training academies like frontsight or LFI.

  2. It would be nice to make friends at a range, it would probably be easier with a membership or at a gun club more so than being a non-member at a public range. Most of the time people are too busy doing their own thing and likewise for myself. The only time I have ever had anyone be chatting at the range is at the gun club with my friend and the only time at a public range was when I was with another friend and we were shooting his S&W .50 because everyone wants to know what you are shooting when that monster goes off, lol.

    I have shot clay a few times since last year but it was early last fall so I'm sure I'm out of practice but I think working on breath control might help a lot.

    I would be so ecstatic if there was a frontsight here but there isn’t. Most of the matches are in what I call the outer regions of where I live so usually about a forty minute drive. I’m a little nervous about competitive shooting and have meant to go with a friend and watch them do it so I can get an idea but it is in the plans to try 

    I do want to take Tac One’s pistol shooting class just because they have the paint rounds, not pain balls and so when you are going through the drills you actually have someone firing at you. Carry On Colorado has a lot of really good classes so I plan on taking things from them as well. I wish I could take the class that Kathy Jackson is teaching this weekend but I don’t have the funds for that so maybe the next time she is in Colorado I will.

    1. Doesn't have to be frontsight, just any good course on defensive use of handguns. I have an lifetime membership with frontsight that I bought before I lost my good job but haven't been able to scrape together the funds for the trip since then. Not long ago frontsight started an ambassador program to expand training to areas where they don't have ranges. There might be someone in your area doing their basic pistol course but not sure on that or the price range.

      Most of the gun clubs in my area aren't that great, just amount to a good private place to shoot.

    2. The one private gun club I went to is amazing but I just can't justify paying that much for it. The yearly fee doesn't bother me it's the yearly combined with the first year initial fee that bugs me.

      The facilities are really nice, they have an air system that does a full exchange of air every fifteen minutes (granted I get freezing cold every time), they have a flow of water at the back to help keep the dust down, timed targets and a bunch of other stuff. It's really nice but it's also 40 minutes away.

  3. I keep saying that about Kathy's classes, too. One day...

    I'm going to get on the ball soon, I swear, and organize a shoot day so we can shoot together. Just gotta get this book done first...

    1. Yes, in regards to Kathy, as long as Jeff keeps bringing her back, we might have our chance to go to one of her classes. :)

      I understand if you are very busy, we will get to it one of these days. I'm usually not adverse to short planning either. :)