Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't Forget Safety Ever

I woke up at 04:00 this morning and started thinking about an interaction at work that day, I started critiquing how I was in that situation.  I have to say that I am very disappointment in myself and later today will be spending time going over again gun safety.  I used to think that I would never become so comfortable with guns that I wouldn’t be safe, not that I was horribly unsafe, just broke rules.

Yesterday my coworker calls me over to his office because another coworker brought in his 20 gauge for the shoot on Friday.  I feel I picked up the gun wrong, it was leaning on the wall, I also didn’t check to make certain that it wasn’t loaded and when they asked me to position it to make certain that it would fit okay, I didn’t even stop to consider where I was pointing the gun, granted it was at a cinder block wall but at least I didn’t put my finger on the trigger.  I broke the following rules: treat a gun as if it’s always loaded, be aware of your target and what is beyond.

I had a hard time falling back to sleep because I kept playing the situation over and over in my head and berating myself.  I mean nothing happened but it’s when one doesn’t follow the rules that things could happen. (11.8)


  1. " I mean nothing happened"

    This time. Always clear every gun you pick up. If for no other reason, your own peace of mind. The only gun I do not clear when I pick it up is my carry gun. I know for a fact it's loaded. I do check when I pick it up that the safety is on.

    Hang in there. None of us had good habits at first. You'll get there.

  2. You've lost sleep over it. I would consider that punishment enough. I can guarantee you'll never grab another gun without clearing it. You're a conscientious shooter and you recognized your mistake; I have faith that will be the only time you'll do this.

    Stop beating yourself up. There's not a single shooter out there who hasn't done something that later they've given themselves a mental slap for. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to both you and themselves.

    Chin up.

    1. Thank you S. I have to say if it had been a hand gun that scenario wouldn't have happened, I'm just not as familiar with shotguns as I am with pistols. I do plan on working even harder at things like this and if I do come across a gun I'm not familiar with that I ask.