Friday, March 29, 2013

My coworker was talking to me about how she is completely supportive of the recently passed gun laws in Colorado, limiting magazines and more thorough background checks.  It still just surprises me how it is that people think that passing laws like this is going to protect people, when criminals don’t care about the laws at all as we all have read all over the place but yet people choose to lie to themselves but we are all entitled to our opinions.

Let’s look at Chicago, the only people that can legally carry and own a gun are police officers, as stated on a documentary from our public TV station a few months ago, Chicago has one of the highest gun crime rates of any other city.  I think if people are allowed to have guns, it leaves people wondering just who has a gun or not but when criminals figure that most law abiding citizens won’t have guns, they know they are safe to commit crimes without interference of the average citizen. 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Google Gun Map????

Article on Google maps and gun permit holders.

That is very disconcerting if that map idea spreads, that it was even made (whether it was accurate or not) seems a violation of people's privacy.  It gives criminals the exact location of who owns a gun and makes gun owners with permits targets for these people. This just seems to be a violation of rights.  I'm still researching the validity of this though.  I can understand the police keeping a record if the state has a gun registration but it should not be out for public information.

Article on Christopher Fountain

"Fountain disagreed on Thursday, and argued that she could have published the number of gun permits in the counties instead. “But the fact that they put the addresses — I’ve received emails from abused women who were under protective order and in hiding, and they’re terribly afraid that now their names and addresses are all over the Internet and accessible through that map,” he said."

Map Removed After Outcry

What's New

I decided to join the site, Colorado Meetup.   I joined a few groups that have guns as an interest so maybe I can connect with other people with the same interest as myself and learn something from experienced gun enthusiasts.  I did join non-gun related groups too; maybe I can meet new friends.  I’m excited to go to any of the gun groups but so far there haven’t been any events going on with them, which I’m a bit disappointed about but patience is a virtue, I guess.

Maybe next paycheck I can go hunting for ammo in all the varying places, always a good way to spend a day or two.  It’s still pretty scarce around these parts and I’m wondering when it’s going to get better.

In April I’ll be taking a self-defense class from the same guy who did my CCW class, I just really hope it’s informational and not me paying this guy to tell stories like it was for my CCW class.  I was a bit put off about the CCW class because of that but mostly I just wanted my signed certificate so I could apply for it.  Everything they did teach in the CCW class I already knew so needless to say I’m just hoping the self-defense class will be educational because this time I need the information. 

What made me decide to take a self-defense class was because I read on one of my varying gun blogs that I read about a guy who was attacked from behind by a guy with a knife, he had to get out of the hold before he could use his gun.  I figured it’s a very good idea to take this kind of class just because of that scenario.  It took a bit to find a class that wasn’t martial arts based, I don’t want something I have to spend years mastering and going to classes, I just wanted basic moves and this class is exactly that plus how to disarm an assailant so I think that is a good addition too, which is why despite my reservations about this instructor, I went with his class because all the other classes I found that were not martial arts based were rape prevention classes. (11.4)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Blucore Shooting Center

I had a chance to go check out Blucore Shooting Center ( Blucore Shooting Center ). It was a decent place, very long wait to get a chance to shoot, one hour and a half.  I can't say that I'll go back except maybe on Lady's day.  The price was a bit high and only for one hour, they don't sell target packets, just single targets.  The lanes were adequate size, I guess not much to say about it.

I did like that there were families in there shooting and definitely were a lot of women but I figured that because it was listed on some site as a female friendly store.  I'm just happy I got a chance to go do some shooting this weekend.

I also shot my first .40, it was okay, my friend's gun's sights are a bit off though.

In other news, 30 days left until I see the letter of happiness.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Forty-one more days until I hear back if I'm approved or not.  I just hope with all these changes happening that I don't get denied.  If I get denied because of law changes, I should get my $152 back but I know that's a clause in there that no matter the outcome, I don't get my money back.