Thursday, March 28, 2013

Google Gun Map????

Article on Google maps and gun permit holders.

That is very disconcerting if that map idea spreads, that it was even made (whether it was accurate or not) seems a violation of people's privacy.  It gives criminals the exact location of who owns a gun and makes gun owners with permits targets for these people. This just seems to be a violation of rights.  I'm still researching the validity of this though.  I can understand the police keeping a record if the state has a gun registration but it should not be out for public information.

Article on Christopher Fountain

"Fountain disagreed on Thursday, and argued that she could have published the number of gun permits in the counties instead. “But the fact that they put the addresses — I’ve received emails from abused women who were under protective order and in hiding, and they’re terribly afraid that now their names and addresses are all over the Internet and accessible through that map,” he said."

Map Removed After Outcry

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