Thursday, March 28, 2013

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I decided to join the site, Colorado Meetup.   I joined a few groups that have guns as an interest so maybe I can connect with other people with the same interest as myself and learn something from experienced gun enthusiasts.  I did join non-gun related groups too; maybe I can meet new friends.  I’m excited to go to any of the gun groups but so far there haven’t been any events going on with them, which I’m a bit disappointed about but patience is a virtue, I guess.

Maybe next paycheck I can go hunting for ammo in all the varying places, always a good way to spend a day or two.  It’s still pretty scarce around these parts and I’m wondering when it’s going to get better.

In April I’ll be taking a self-defense class from the same guy who did my CCW class, I just really hope it’s informational and not me paying this guy to tell stories like it was for my CCW class.  I was a bit put off about the CCW class because of that but mostly I just wanted my signed certificate so I could apply for it.  Everything they did teach in the CCW class I already knew so needless to say I’m just hoping the self-defense class will be educational because this time I need the information. 

What made me decide to take a self-defense class was because I read on one of my varying gun blogs that I read about a guy who was attacked from behind by a guy with a knife, he had to get out of the hold before he could use his gun.  I figured it’s a very good idea to take this kind of class just because of that scenario.  It took a bit to find a class that wasn’t martial arts based, I don’t want something I have to spend years mastering and going to classes, I just wanted basic moves and this class is exactly that plus how to disarm an assailant so I think that is a good addition too, which is why despite my reservations about this instructor, I went with his class because all the other classes I found that were not martial arts based were rape prevention classes. (11.4)

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