Monday, March 11, 2013

Blucore Shooting Center

I had a chance to go check out Blucore Shooting Center ( Blucore Shooting Center ). It was a decent place, very long wait to get a chance to shoot, one hour and a half.  I can't say that I'll go back except maybe on Lady's day.  The price was a bit high and only for one hour, they don't sell target packets, just single targets.  The lanes were adequate size, I guess not much to say about it.

I did like that there were families in there shooting and definitely were a lot of women but I figured that because it was listed on some site as a female friendly store.  I'm just happy I got a chance to go do some shooting this weekend.

I also shot my first .40, it was okay, my friend's gun's sights are a bit off though.

In other news, 30 days left until I see the letter of happiness.


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    1. Yes, 15 days left and counting, it's been a long wait since December when I initiated getting my CCW. :)