Thursday, August 22, 2013

Remember Heidi Yewman

I'm still in search for her other segments but she was the one who wrote the article for MS Magazine about her "Month with a Gun."

I found this interview from HUFFPOST LIVE

Heidi Yewman Interview

I couldn't really put my whole comment on there so I didn't bother, I will put what would have been my comment if I could here.

Her reaching in her purse, for one, if she had researched methods of carrying and safe ways to carry, she wouldn’t have had that gun just in her purse, she would (should) have had a special made carry purse or she could have had a purse with a separate compartment that only contained the gun, that is your safest option for purse carry.  I spent extensive time researching ways to carry and safe ways to carry, granted I do not advocate purse carry, it’s dangerous and easy for anyone to take that purse, and I’m a proponent for on body carry.

I read pretty much every comment on MS in regards to this article and I didn’t see one thing that was threatening towards her but then again MS was very discretionary about which comments were posted, I know not a single one of my comments were allowed, none were threatening in any way.  And the fact they were screening comments to me says that’s not fair reporting or a fair discussion of the article and topic in general.  I do understand not allowing her personal information to be posted, that is completely fair.

My first time out (as someone who is actually serious about conceal carrying and not doing an experiment) I found that yes, I was hyper aware in all areas and slightly curious as to if others in my vicinity were carrying.  I can’t say I ever went out intentionally looking or even hoping trouble came along so I could have that chance.  I strongly believe that the majority of people who legally carry have the hope they never have to even draw.  As for Heidi not feeling safe while carrying, I think if she had proper training and the mindset that most that do chose to carry had, that maybe she might have felt safer.  I know being a single girl, trying to date, it certainly helped me feel more comfortable knowing I could protect myself if need be, especially since I am a very small girl so more than likely (even with self-defense knowledge) that I will be over powered by pretty much everyone.

Your question to Hunter Glass in regards to having to notify an officer, it depends on the laws of the state that you are carrying in (I’m surprised he didn’t know this).  Some states you are required by law to notify an officer that you are carrying and some you don’t.  My state you are not required but out of respect if I were to be pulled over and I was carrying, I would keep my hands where they could see it, when he approached I would notify the officer that I was carrying and let them know where the gun was located.

End comment
The thing is once again it just seems like it's biased news reporting, you have a psychologist that says that people who go out carrying a gun are more than likely going to see trouble just because and this is proven by her lame experiement with people holding a wiii gun (rolls eyes).

Then you have a former officer who just doesn't seem too informed and of course there is good old Heidi Yewman, the ignorant idiot trying to make some extreme case against guns.

Oh well.

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  1. That while little experiment was a joke. All she was trying to do is prove how easy it is for people to have access to guns and how easy it is to get a permit. She didn't talk about what she actually had to do to get it, just called it "minimum requirements." All she did was prove that ignorant people shouldn't carry, sadly she's too stupid to realize that or she wouldn't be carrying with no intent of learning everything else that 99% of us go through