Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring in Colorado (A little safety reminder)

Spring hasn't sprung in Colorado (with getting just a foot of snow the other day) but my 1911 Spring did spring.  I was pretty certain that is was secure and I let go and sproing, there it went right into the edge of my glasses frame, leaving a nice big chip in the frame and the lens but I'm glad it was my glasses and not my eye.  So I'm only sharing this embarrassment as a reminder to wear safety glasses when cleaning your guns.


  1. Helps to keep your head out of the way too

    1. This is true, I'm thinking I need better lighting so I'm not leaning so close to it either. I'll be in search of a lamp soon. lol

  2. Oh, the boing factor. Yikes. I think everyone has lost springs because of the boing factor.

    Defensive Pistol, first Sunday in May, wanna come play (or even just watch this first time)?

  3. $10, plus 150 - 200 rounds of ammo.