Tuesday, April 16, 2013

CCW Update

I ended up taking the advice from readers and friends on call, I left a voicemail but who knows when I will get an answer. I was sent a disconcerting link to a news article in regards to CCW's in Denver and surrounding areas. I guess it's really bad. When I started my process in Denver, it was a two month wait just to get an appointment to apply, I was fortunate and someone cancelled so I got in a month earlier. According to this article it is now taking up to four months just to apply. I didn't know it was state law that they had to process it in 90 days and here I am sitting at 95 days. I'll see what happens when they call me back, hopefully not at 06:00 like the last time they returned a call.

Denver's Would-be (hopeful) CCW's Article


  1. If you have any influential friends now might be the time to pull some strings, anybody
    just saying

    1. I wish I did have influential friends, I don't even have friends that don't have influence. lol. That's just a joke. I guess I will patiently await the day my letter comes in, hopefully today.