Monday, April 22, 2013

Self-Defense Class

The self-defense class I took this weekend was really good, not that I have a lot of comparisons or anything. My only other self-defense class was one when I was ten-ish years old with this non-profit that my mom was president of.  The retention stuff was really fascinating, it would be neat to have an entire class based on that.  The instructor said he wasn't going to spend much time on that section because he wanted us to remember the self-defense portion.  I think what impressed me most of all was the last segment of the class, he got our adrenaline up, got a bit exhausted, then made us close our eyes and after a brief moment, he attacked.  Now granted he didn't attack at the force that an attacker might but it was to show us just how much we are hindered in moments like this.

I think I did okay with it, I didn't freeze but I still have hesitations about whether or not I would fight my way to freedom if I were ever attacked.  My worries come more from that I would probably tire out before I got away.  Also when I was showing one of my male friends what I learned, I didn't do so well at getting free where as with the instructor I thought I did okay but I'm sure he wasn't going to go full force.  I'm an extremely petite girl, 5'6 and 107 pounds, most can over take me without a loosing a breath.  I'm not sure exactly what my next move will be in this area but if it ever came down to it, I'm going down fighting with all my might!


  1. If you have time to spare you might be interested in Aikido. It's an empty hand fighting style designed for going against armed opponents (real world design that is) but can be used efficiently against unarmed people as well. There was a lady in my dojo who was about your size and she could throw anyone in there across the room with ease. As with any martial at it will take time to master but there are things you learn in the first 3-6 months that are very useful in real world fights.

    Another avenue to take is attending some of the rape defense courses. They teach you a few things designed to damage your attacker quickly so you can escape, or in the case of someone with a ccw get distance to draw.

    As with anything self defense related, practice practice practice

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll have to look into once money is free. Now for the rape prevention classes being one time shots, I had thought about looking into doing one of those as well, the colleges all offer them so they are easy to find.

  2. Here's a secret: Keep practicing on your situational awareness and don't go places your body tells you not to. If you don't let them get close to you, you won't have to fight them off. The first rule of a self-defense - avoidance.

  3. Once again Gun Diva is giving you spot on advice. Don't put yourself in a bad situation. If it happens don't quit, getting free and away is the priority. Your smart and motivated, you will prevail.