Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cornered Cat Holster Class

Thanks Gun Diva for the reminder. :)

Just reading Kathy Jackson's web page, I had come to admire her so greatly and meeting her in person it only made that admiration greater. What an extremely spectacular woman with a great sense of humor! I left there feeling like the happiest person in the world. I have never really had anyone that I admire so greatly other than my grandfather so she's pretty special to me.

The class was fun and surprisingly small. Most of the holsters that were presented were ones I had spent time researching previously but I did learn some good points about carry methods. I was surprised that she didn't have any thigh holsters though, which is my choice carry method. Fortunately two days ago I finally got my CCW permit (103 or 104 days) so I had carried to class. A lot of the women were very interested in mine, which I showed to the class and passed around. I had got a lot of questions about it afterwards as well.

Over all, it was such a wonderful experience. I really wish I could have afforded to take the pistol class as well.


  1. She's such a wonderful lady :) I'm glad you got to go. Maybe next time she's in Colorado, I'll join you.

    1. That will be so much fun. Hopefully Jeff and Jenna from Carry On Colorado will bring her back. They were the ones that set up this and the pistol class over the weekend.