Monday, July 8, 2013

Family Shooting Center @ Cherry Creek State Park

I went out there this weekend with a friend of mine and her friend, I had fun spending time with them and it's always fun to shoot guns.  My issues with this particular range is it costs just about as much as an indoor range, it's outdoors, there are stationary targets so every half hour, they stop everyone from shooting and you get to walk out on the range and change out your targets, which isn't too different if I go up in the mountains but the difference is I'm not paying $16.50 in the mountains.  I just think because there is less overhead and less to maintain that they shouldn't be charging a couple bucks less than an indoor range but they more expensive than Firing Line, which is an indoor range.

Oh well, like I said, shooting guns is always fun so I can't complain, I am glad we got there early before the long lines and the really hot weather hit.


  1. I went shooting at my little brothers property over the holiday. All I can say is I need to start shooting more often if I can get the money and ammo for it. I'm still good but my skills have degraded noticeably from where they were a few years ago

    1. Do you dry fire when you are at home? I have that laserlyte target and I try to practice dry firing once or twice a week. I hear you on the ammo, I was so sad because Walmart actually had some .45ACP but I just don't have it in my budget this check to get it. :S I at least still have just under 200 rounds left so I won't be doing much shooting, especially not with the .380 because I have less than 50 rounds of that.

    2. I do dry firing with mine but it's not the same for me. About 5 years back I shot on average around 200 rounds per week, sometimes more, and had gotten to the point where I could out shoot everyone I knew at longer distances than they were shooting.

      I still have a good amount of quality hollow point ammo for every pistol I own, weigh I try not to shoot too much of. I'm down to about 300 round of 40, 150 45, and am completely out of 380 ball though, which is what I mostly use for practice.

      And on a completely unrelated note, I finally got a call from that job I've been waiting on. Have an interview Friday :)

  2. Dry firing certainly isn't like actually firing but at least I can practice my siting, breath control and trigger control. Wouldn't be grand to shoot 200 rounds a week. Did you stop because of the ammo shortages?

    I sometimes think I should buy a .40 because the walmart by my house seems to always have it.

    Congrats on the job interview, I'm crossing my fingers for you :) Thank you for keeping me up to date on it.

  3. I quit shooting that much because of the cost, went from making $60k/year to being unemployed so I had to cut all the expenses I could. It was shortly after that when ammo became scarce so I would have ended up cutting back anyway.

    I bought my glock because it was a 40 and I was thinking that ammo was readily available and the fact that it can take full size magazines. The magazine use was appealing because if I ever come across police needing a reload I could help since I carry 2 full size back up magazines. Or in the opposite extreme if I needed one police will have them as well. I still keep one loaded in my car just in case even though I am carrying t the 1911 as my primary carry gun.

    And thanks for the finger crossing, will let you know how it turns out