Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ruger LCP

This weekend my friend bought the Ruger LCP and the Smith and Wesson .500.  I have to say out of all the calibers of handguns, shotguns and rifles that I have shot, I have met a gun I do not like and it is the Smith and Wesson .500.  I'm not a big fan of revolvers anyways because I don't like the weight distribution in my hand, they just feel awkward to me.  But the S&W is way too big of a gun for me to be handling and I only shot the 325 grain, I wasn't about to touch the 500 grain and I can't believe they make a 700 grain.

As for the Ruger LCP, cheap little gun, very light weight and would be great for a conceal carry, I tried it out with my thigh holster and it was a lot easier to carry than my Sig Sauer P238 but I doubt that I'll be buying myself a Ruger LCP.  I didn't like the sites on it, the recoil due to the lighter weight and I also don't like not having an actual safety.  I understand the double pull trigger being the safety on it but it just tweaks my senses a bit.

Tonight, I'm going to sit down, clean my guns and play with my new toy.
My New Toy

With ammunition being difficult to find around here, I figured this will help me get my trigger control down better and save a fortune on ammunition and not waste it.

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